Last night I bought this book, along with another herbal guide, as my first real entrance into the study of herbs. "Wise Woman" is well organized, practical, and extremely easy to read for the uninitiated. I praise Ms. Weed for this invaluable resource and expect to refer to this book frequently in my upcoming pregnancy.

Book Review

For Women Who Want a Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth
Book Review by Christina Francine

“Aren’t herbs dangerous, especially during pregnancy?” a woman asks.


“I’ve heard they cause cancer,” says another. “I can’t imagine what they’d do to my unborn baby.”


“It’s witchery,” adds a third, “and I’ll stick to regular doctors, thank you.”


These are still many women’s view on using herbs, a mid-wife, or a holistic approach, pregnant or not. Vast numbers though, are looking into treating themselves, pursuing holistic doctors, and using midwives. They seek natural. In essence, women are going back to the skill they learned millions of years ago. They knew their bodies then and how to care for them. Then, along came those who wanted further power and named this skill witchery. Suddenly men knew women’s bodies better than they did. Weed leads readers back to this natural skill and power. She provides preventative and healing remedies, herbal preparations, and points of safety, for before, during, and after pregnancy. Weed even added a chapter on newborns.

Book Contents Include:
-Using This Book
-Using Herbs Safely
-Before Pregnancy with sub-headings & categories (pages 1-12)
-During Pregnancy with sub-headings & categories (pages 17-49)
-Childbirth with sub-headings and categories (pages 55-74)
-After Pregnancy with sub-headings and categories (pages 77-84)
-Your Infant with sub-headings and categories (pages 95-114)
-Herbal Pharmacy with sub-headings and categories (pages 121-139)
-Appendix 1 (Herbal sources of vitamins & minerals)
-Appendix 2

Regular doctors and conservative medicines have their place, but herbal doctors and medicines do as well. Just why are many women going back to treating themselves, visiting holistic doctors, and interested in natural? I believe deep down women know what works, what’s safest, and what feels right. They’re reacquainting themselves with nature, and listening to and taking responsibility for their own bodies.


‘Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year’ is for women wanting to take care their growing baby and of their bodies naturally. Weed’s style of presenting, and authenticity of facts, is straightforward and easy to understand. Sketchings, alongside pages, are charming, as well as added notations. Everything about this book is comforting, nurturing, and encouraging. A valuable resource.


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