Awesome book!
One to always look at for many reasons!

THIS is a fabulous book that I always run to for my herbal advice while pregnant, nursing or even for my sickies. It has herbs listed to help out with many needs durring pregnancy, after pregnancy, with the baby and I even run to it for fevers and such. THe information in this book is beyond helpfull, and right now I am finding a second and 3rd copy so that I can lend out my books without risking being without it when I need it myself. I have done that twice. I advise you to get this book...

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Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year

Fertility A community of people exploring holistic approaches to fertility. Katie Singer's Garden of Fertility explains Fertility Awareness, a natural method for birth control or infertility treatment. Preconception: Trying to Conceive - A"healthy" pregnancy insures a healthy baby. Knowledge is power! Fertility Awareness, Herbs affecting the Menstrual Cycle, Herbal Contraception & Herbal Abortion - Living with Our Fertility.




Focus on Fertility - 2 CD Set

Focus on Fertility
2 CD Set - Susun S Weed - International Herb Symposium 2006 (Length - 1 Hour/28 Minutes) - $22.50

Women have relied on herbs to help them conceive, maintain precarious pregnancies, and space their children from the earliest times. Although much of this wisdom has been lost, there remains a body of tried and true plants that powerfully influence our fertility. This presentation will focus on herbal helpers for women who have difficulties beginning or maintaining a pregnancy as well as herbs that can be used as birth control. We will also, time permitting, look at the pros and cons of herbal abortion.

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