Really great book for people into alternative medicine and herbs. Full of lots of hard to find information about herbs and remedies to take and not take while pregnant. Also good pre and post pregnancy and baby info!


Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year

Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year, now in its 24th printing, has helped three generations of women conceive, carry and give birth naturally. Chapters cover herbal fertility agents and herbs for birth control; safe, simple home remedies for the common complaints of pregnancy; alternative medicines for complications of labor and delivery; and effective remedies for the distresses of newborns and new moms. Complete instructions make using this book easy and fun.

This book is an expanded version of a manual Ms. Weed developed for American midwives. It accompanied an intensive training, which she taught throughout the USA to groups of midwives interested in using herbal and natural remedies in their practices. It was so popular that it became clear that it needed to be made available to a larger audience.

Ms. Weed's personal interest in herbal medicine came about because of her own pregnancy and her desire to find drug-free ways of helping herself deal with problems. Ash Tree Publishing was founded in 1985 to reweave the healing cloak of the Ancients and to make the Wise Woman Tradition available to modern women. The information gathered in Ash Tree books offers women simple, easy, successful, and safe ways to regain and maintain health.


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